We help you create business value through strategically sound and conceptually strong solutions

For already 25 years we unite great minds to challenge any business concept. Concepts that work, but need new fresh impulses and ID’z. Ideas that generate direct short-, but also longterm results. We however first like to understand and discover what challenges you face in your markets. With our proved One Future methodology, we (re)think and (re)direct your strategy and use marketing and branding to (re)position your brand(s). We will help you to reboot with campaigns that’ll influence and differentiate your business as never before.


Who we are

Skillz Brand ID’z is a strategic design agency that originated in 1997 from a ‘break away’ of Euro RSCG (Havas). At the time, six professionals stood at the cradle of one of the first virtual network agencies in the Netherlands. Celebrating 25 years, we’ve succeeded in building an agency where multinationals, but also national, regional and local customers feel at home.

Since 1997 we create credible brand stories and develop unique brand identities that unite companies and build brands. From our experience and through our work in the last two decades we know how to position brands and tell timeless stories.

With effective corporate branding we’ll help you to (re)position your brand(s), but also to grow your business successfully.

Staying relevant in crowded marketplaces

To say that the internet has changed our world, would be a huge understatement. On YouTube alone, 500 hours of video content is uploaded every minute, providing limitless choice to viewers. The average length of a video is 12 minutes. The average viewing time per user is 11.24 minutes, just slightly shorter. By investing in professional branding, companies can position themselves as relevant to today’s audiences.

A strong and relevant online strategy therefore is a must for anyone who takes business seriously.

Great design will attract new clients

Video will continue to account for the overwhelming share of total data sent via Internet Protocol (IP) over the next five years. Overall IP traffic will increase by nearly three times in 2024 to reach 45 GB per person per month, up from 15 GB last year.

Smartphones will clime to 47% of total IP traffic in 2025, up from 13% in 2016. This increase will decrease the use of personal computers to 21% by 2024 (coming from 46%).

At Skillz Brand ID’z, we (re)position companies and its brands to stand out from their competitors to achieve ambitious business targets through design and branding. Our facilitated One Future brand workshops get to the heart of what makes your organisation unique, helping you appeal to the clients and audiences you’d most like to work with. Conveying professionalism and originality through design is what we do best and how we create impactful brands and corporate identities.

Skillzreel 2023

Moving images have come a long way in the last decade. Once monopolised by cinemas and TV screens, video content has been revolutionised by the rise of online streaming and social media, providing new opportunities for the people who produce it. It’s estimated that by 2024, 80% of content consumed online will be video-based.

Our team is ready to create your next story with the impact it needs to be seen and remembered.